• Hospitality + Excellence
  • 37 of top 100 Hotel Companies
  • 28 hotels across 5 states
  • 7 hotels under development

What sets SSN Hotels apart is not just its impressive expansion from a single hotel to a robust portfolio of over 28 hotels and 7 hotels under development, but also its unwavering dedication to maintaining a close-knit, family-like business ethos throughout its growth.

A key aspect of SSN Hotels’ success lies in its commitment to nurturing the careers of its employees. Recognizing the critical role played by its staff, the company places a strong emphasis on professional development, fostering a culture of internal growth and opportunity. This focus on team empowerment has been instrumental in driving the company’s progress.

This narrative of determination, focus on local communities, and excellence at SSN Hotels reflects the company’s journey from humble beginnings to a beacon of success in the hotel industry.